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Bar Management and Bar POS System

Managing a bar incorporates many important and complex components. As you will know as someone who is looking into a POS system to help you manage your establishment, it's no walk in the park. Bars and pubs are bustling environments which require more attention to atmospheric detail than a nightclub, and a little less structure than a restaurant.

Just like most hospitality businesses, bars and pubs take a myriad of different approaches, some are casual requiring a very basic structure, service and processes, and others have layers of complexity such as serving food, and cocktails and providing table service to punters. This means that your establishment's needs will differ from the next. This is why a one-size-fits-all POS system will never provide you with the sort of complex, multifunctional software solution you need.

At Orderific, we understand that your hospitality business must deliver a high-quality service to your patrons on every operational front. Not any one element of your delivery process is more important than the other. This is why we have meticulously and thoroughly designed a multifunctional, user-friendly software system. This system incorporates a multitude of solutions, through key features, created to target specific challenges faced within the realm of bars and pubs. We know that the best product for you is one with key features that fit just right, without unnecessary bells or whistles that complicate the process.

Some daily challenges we know you face in order to provide a smooth service to your punters include Inventory management, table management, bar management, customer payments & payment integration, customer relationships, stock management, working with third-party apps, dealing with existing hardware, tab management and managing bar staff to name a few.

To help you tackle these challenges head-on, Orderific has a conclusive list of extensive features specially designed with your success at the forefront. Our features provide you with unlimited support and help you with employee management/staff management, changes in menu items, and supporting customer loyalty with our bespoke customer loyalty scheme, we aid with taking card payments and payment processing with our payment integrations. We also support you with managing cash flow and help you to track sales and track inventory. We help you with stock control for busy bars over multiple locations and we are a user-friendly solution for both small business owners and more advanced bar establishments.

How Orderific's POS Systems Can Best Support Your Bar

Finance Tracking

Orderific provides a comprehensive and user-friendly finance tracking system that is tailored specifically for bars and pubs. Efficient financial management is essential for the success of any bar business, and Orderific makes it easy to keep track of expenses through specialized tools such as auditing and accounting with orders and suppliers. Our finance tracking system is fully customizable, allowing you to monitor your savings through reports, menu management, and your dashboard. You can also manage payment processing using your orders, menu management, and suppliers tab. By utilizing Orderific's finance tracking system, you can gain a better understanding of your financial situation, make informed business decisions, and ultimately improve your bar's profitability. With the Orderific POS system, you can simplify payment acceptance, use contactless payments, reduce monthly fees, minimize transaction fees, handle high sales volumes, identify price tiers, and enhance your till system.


The best POS systems for bars and pubs will have an integrated marketing solution. We understand that bars, especially those that are just starting, or are small businesses, can greatly benefit from effective marketing strategies. Orderific offers personalized and efficient marketing tools designed to help bars gain a competitive edge. With Orderific's marketing tools, you can create a powerful brand presence and cultivate a loyal customer base. These tools enable you to manage your online reviews, develop a professional website, design an appealing menu, and more. By utilizing these features, you can establish a robust online presence, attract more patrons to your bar, and ultimately promote business growth.

Menu Management

Orderific provides bar management-specific tools that are fully customizable, to help manage menus efficiently. With Orderific, you can effortlessly create personalized menus with interchangeable items, which is particularly advantageous for bars with limited space that may become overcrowded during busy times. By digitizing your menu, you can ensure that your service runs smoothly and stays organized. Moreover, you can update your menu in real-time based on inventory, availability, and time. Personalized QR codes can be generated to assist customers in accessing your menu and placing orders quickly. These QR codes can also provide information about the ingredients used in your drinks or food items.

Patron Support

In the bar industry, building a loyal customer base is crucial to long-term success. Orderific offers a range of customer relationship management tools specifically designed for bars, making it easy to establish and maintain consistent and meaningful relationships with your patrons. With our tailored reward systems and loyalty programs, you can incentivize repeat business and show your customers on a repetitive basis that you value their support. Our online ordering and delivery platform streamlines the ordering process, and our feedback and review management tools allow you to gather and respond to customer feedback; building a positive reputation and fostering ongoing support, this is crucial for the sustained promotion of any modern bar or pub.

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