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Frequently Asked Questions

First, the process of using our dashboard is quite very easy, that’s why we’ve taken time to sieve out prevalant occuring questions to guide you on your track

Registering for Orderific Features and Functionality Lessons

Registering your restaurant with Orderific is super easy. Just provide some basic information in the sign up window and you are good to get started!

Orderific supports 3rd party integration of delivery partners into your order management system through Delivery Hack.

Yes. We give you access to an innovative way of using QR Codes. Not only can your clients view the menu but they can also easily order and pay from it . Click here to get started.

Yes, Orderific has a free version. But we also have a Regulan Plan (99$) for businesses that want more features.

Yes, depending on your package we have different types of support available. The Free Version has email support at all times. With Regular Version we also provide phone support 24/7.

Static QR Codes are valid for as long as you want and will never expire. QR Codes only expire if their link gets changed or deleted. We encourage you to create Dynamic Codes to have total control as the content or links are replaceable no matter what happens.

QR Codes are so versatile; they can store various information depending on your needs. They can store a URL to make it easier for you to open a page, have a pdf document, a payment link, link to your social profiles and much more!

Orderific has come up with a solution to address the safety and cleanliness of restaurants and hotels. Not only does a QR code menu offer a touch-free menu experience, but it also ensures minimal & germ-free dining.

Orderific seamlessly integrates with your current restaurant POS systems by utilizing access tokens, OAuth credentials, and location information to enable smooth data transfer and system compatibility.

Utilize the 'Create Menus' feature to digitize your physical menu, adding brand names, selecting menu backgrounds, and uploading enticing photos.

Yes, upon signing up, Orderific provides a free service where experts curate a digital menu based on your current paper menu, allowing you to focus on your success.

With Orderific's Website Builder, customize your brand logo, colors, header and footer options, body elements, news, services, promotions, QR codes, domain setup, and generate AI-generated content for your website.

Provide prompts and necessary information for your brand, and Orderific's intuitive AI generates compelling content for your website, eliminating the need to craft content manually.

Orderific streamlines operations, enhances marketing strategies, boosts customer loyalty, manages deliveries, tracks orders, handles reservations, and optimizes team efficiency.

Marketing and Engagement Tools

Orderific provides tailored discount coupons, loyalty programs, event hosting, personalized welcome messages, and free product offerings to engage customers and drive loyalty.

Orderific's "Overall Discounts" section customizes discounts by date or bill amount, while its "Coupons" module creates various coupons with specific durations and usage limits.

Yes, Orderific's "Events" module creates and manages events, setting entry charges, durations, table layouts, managing attendees, and registration deadlines.

Yes, Orderific's "Loyalty System Limit" feature sets boundaries for loyalty rewards, balancing generosity and sustainability.

Orderific's "Delivery" module offers customizable zones, control over fees and minimum orders, and dynamic adaptability to changing business needs.

Orderific's "Reservations" feature handles past, present, and future reservations, confirms pending ones, and efficiently manages expired reservations.

Orderific's Dashboard centralizes your restaurant's operations overview, including sales, orders, active orders, occupancy, average dining time, traffic analysis, revenue distribution, staff management, and inventory status.

The Translation Center supports numerous languages including English, Albanian, Arabic, French, Thai, Hindi, and more, ensuring a diverse customer base can navigate menus comfortably in their native language.

Orderific values user input, employing it in user-centric development, fostering transparent communication, and using suggestions to continuously enhance and improve their services for a better user experience.

Insights, Analytics, and Reporting

The Transactions feature consolidates customer payments, supplier transactions, payment dates, statuses, action logs, and amounts for all restaurant brands, assisting in expense management, revenue tracking, and dispute resolution.

Instant Settlements reconcile recorded sales transactions with actual received payments, identifying discrepancies, ensuring financial accuracy, and promising settlement within 24 hours through advanced cryptocurrency technology.

Yes, easily monitor expenses, create invoices for suppliers, and streamline budgeting within the platform.

Yes, Orderific allows access to a comprehensive list of suppliers in one place for efficient management.

'My Brands' provides a unified overview of brand outlets, syncs with Point of Sale systems, and simplifies multi-brand management.

Yes, create multiple tables at once, download QR codes in bulk, and easily organize seating arrangements.

They're vibrant, change with menu updates, map to tables, offer WiFi access, show multiple menus, and are eco-friendly.

It provides insight into customer feedback, helps improve services, and aids in creating memorable dining experiences.

Detailed reports on sales, busiest hours, inventory, best-sellers, and customization options for precise analysis.

Orderific helps build and manage a network of trusted suppliers, track expenses, and conduct audits in one place.