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Full/Pro Plan


Become a culinary sensation with Orderific's Full Plan at just 99$/month.

Key features:

Digital Smart Menu

Interactive menu system with real-time updates.

Loyalty Program

Features for rewarding and retaining customers.

Business Analytics

Tools for analyzing and strategizing business data.

Loyalty Program

Features for rewarding and retaining customers.

Website Builder

Tools for creating a dynamic online presence.

Integrated Payment Options

Diverse payment methods for customer convenience.

Delivery System Setup

Tools for establishing and managing delivery services.

Marketing Tools

Resources to enhance marketing reach and effectiveness.

Menu Translation

Feature to translate menus into multiple languages.

Clear Reporting

Stay informed with straightforward analytics.

Seamless POS Integration

Efficient integration with point-of-sale systems.

...and much more!

Complimentary Plan


Experience premium services at zero cost with Orderific's Complimentary Plan by offering price guarantee.

Key features:

Access ALL Features

Get EVERY feature of the Full Plan without the $99 fee.

Zero Cost

Enjoy ALL features at NO COST by offering price guarantee with Orderific

Commitment to Best Prices

Offer the lowest menu prices on Orderific and enjoy FREE premium services.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Price Guarantee is a unique feature of Orderific where if a restaurant guarantees that they are offering their menu items on Orderific at the cheapest price compared to other aggregators, Orderific will waive the monthly fee of $99. This is applicable under the Complimentary Plan, emphasizing Orderific's commitment to providing the best value for both restaurants and customers.

The Full Plan is priced at $99 per month.

No, there are no limits on the number of tables or guests for a single location under this plan.

Yes, the plan includes simplified booking management for advanced reservations.

Yes, the plan includes a Customer Loyalty Program to reward and retain regular patrons.

- Yes, it provides insightful analytics to help fine-tune your business strategies.