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Hospitality Management

Hotel Management Software

Anyone with experience in hospitality management can confirm that running a hotel is like operating a complex machine that requires the synchronisation of many moving parts. Efficient management and coordination of these many moving parts are crucial to creating and delivering a superior guest experience that will set you aside from your competitors. What if we told you that we can provide you with the perfect 'oil' to keep the many cogs of your business running smoothly?

When faced with the management of multiple departments, and the coordination of many people, why not employ an all-encompassing digital solution that takes the pressure out of your hands? At Orderific, our hotel management software helps you do just this.

Our hospitality software provides you with software solutions containing many user-friendly key features, designed specifically to improve business operations and enhance your entire system, elevating the guest experience. Orderific is an all-in-one system, designed with hotel managers in mind. Our hotel management software tools provide solutions for challenges such as; reservation management, room service, event management, guest communication, room inventory, check-in, staff members and room assignment to name a few. All from the ease of your mobile device.

Orderific supplies you with cloud-based hotel management system software that will help you to run and operate and manage your establishment with ease. Taking each department of your business, and streamlining the handling of your inputs & outputs. Orderific helps you to manage all of your important resources, be it inventory management, optimising task delegation or ensuring time efficacy.

What Kind Of Establishments Are We Designed For?

Our hotel management system and software have key features specifically designed to be adaptable to many different types of guest stays. We provide hotel management systems for property types & occupancy rates of varying scales. Our product can be tailored to suit the needs of anything from large resorts and hotel chains with multiple properties and guest houses, to independent hotels, motels, B&Bs, guesthouses and even hostels and vacation rentals.

Orderific is an easy-access, one-solution cloud-based software, designed to save time with your daily operations with the ultimate goal to increase revenue. The right software for your business is the best software for your business, and our diverse and adaptable product is designed to fit you just right, so if the shoe fits?

Why Should You Invest?

A vital element to succeeding in a saturated industry such as hospitality is having a cutting-edge flair that makes you stand out.

When we have a positive experience as guests, often unbeknownst to us, it is down to the ease of use of facilities provided and the efficiency and diligence of the people providing the experience.

In order to provide a seamless service to your guests, there must be efficient coordination happening between the front desk and behind the scenes. Think of it like visiting the theatre... we see the stage, but behind the curtain, there is an entire crew working together to ensure a flawless performance. Hospitality is much the same.

So employing the best hotel management and hotel software solutions is integral for positive guest relationship management. From interactions with online travel agents to check-in at the front desk, being armed with the best cloud-based hotel software solution on the market is simply bound to put you ahead of your competitors.

Orderific for Hotel Management Software Tools

At Orderific, if there's one thing we know, it's that we understand the hotel industry. Because of this, our hotel management software boasts an extensive range of tools and key features, to help you streamline the management of your hotel.

We have meticulously developed our hotel management software product with the hospitality industry, and you, in mind. Our goal is to help with every possible one of your hotel tech needs from reservation management & an online booking engine to concise revenue management, all aimed at and supporting businesses in the hotel industry.

The best hotel management software should boast a comprehensive channel manager and booking engine that improves the guest experience from the front desk throughout. Whether we are challenged with large resorts, independent hotels, or vacation rentals, your software systems such as the booking engine should not compromise the guest experience, as it is the first point of contact that your guests make with you.

Because of this, your business requires a hotel management software or property management system that cares for your guests from online booking or the point of sale, through to check in and indeed check out. This requires comprehensive cohesion of your sales channels and your channel manager or managers.

Orderific Hotel Management System - Software Features

Patron Support

Providing your patrons with a top-quality experience is key to succeeding in a saturated industry like the hospitality industry. There are many important factors that must interact cohesively in order to provide patrons with an ideal hospitality experience. Orderific provides you with a combination of adjustable, specifically designed features created to help you provide your patrons with a seamless stay. When running a hotel, resort or b&b, poor service in any element of your service can really sacrifice the entire experience. Having efficient patron support helps you to make sure your patrons are satisfied across the board.


Using Orderific's reporting systems you can keep track of vital statistics relating to the management of your business. This tool can help you to predict trends and anticipate important ebs & flows in your sales processes. A deep understanding of how your business functions over time can support you to make informed decisions regarding staffing needs, spending and time management. When running a hotel, there are a lot of tasks to coordinate in your day-to-day operations, statistical reports can help you to eliminate any unnecessary tasks and prioritise more important ones.

Menu Management

Our menu management solution is a multifunctional and versatile fix for a myriad of hospitality challenges and restaurant and food service headaches. Orderific will support you with placing orders, menu listings and changes, ingredient and allergen information, and inventory support. This helps your hotel or B & B to provide an equally fluid restaurant service as much as accommodation services.


Orderific for Marketing is the easy-to-use, all-in-one ultimate marketing system. Our marketing features will provide you with the support you need to get your name out there. This tool helps you to manage your reviews, build out your website, design your menu and much more. Hospitality is an inundated industry, high quality, accessible marketing is sure to help your business to stay afloat amongst the competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The short answer.... YES! Not only will this help you in the management of your hospitality business, but it will help you to reduce waste and become more profitable.
A POS system or point of sale system is designed to help businesses, to organize the sale data for their business. Everything from inventory management to the actual point of sale. All managed from the same place. Orderific takes this a step further with tools to help you support your patron better with loyalty programs etc. As well as Marketing and even help in building your own website.
Orderific is specifically designed with the user in mind. Our software is set up to help you organize and operate your business.
Orderific is a management software specifically designed for the hospitality industry. From restaurants and cafes to hotels, b and bs, and night clubs with everything in between.