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Night Club & Membership Management

Nightclubs are some of the most high-risk, unruly and high-pressure establishments in the hospitality world.

As venues which are specifically designed to facilitate high numbers of punters, loud music and dark and flashing light shows, nightclubs are a high-stress, high-energy environment for everyone involved in managing and accommodating them. From bartenders to promoters, to security.. every member of staff must be alert and vigilant to ensure everybody's safety and enjoyment. This is where help from an efficient and user-friendly club management software system can come into play.

Anybody with experience in club and event management will attest to the fact that this is a subsection of hospitality requiring a large amount of foresight, structure and regulation. Managing a nightclub can be accompanied by extra pressures outside of the control of management, due to the fact that nightclubs are inextricably linked to alcohol and drug consumption.

This reality makes running a club a precarious and unpredictable venture. So how can club managers ensure that they are employing all available supports and systems to guarantee not only the safety of their punters and workers, but the validity and success of their establishment? Due to their nature, the answer for Night clubs is a little more complex than that for other clubs like health clubs, sports clubs, professional associations or nonprofit organizations with clubs.

This begins with clear streams of communication and organisation between all of the participatory bodies of the club. There are many elements that come together to form the experience that is clubbing, and managers must wear many hats in order to ensure there is cohesion between every element. An efficient club management software utilised by club organisers should enable workers to focus more on what is happening inside the club rather than behind the scenes.

The size of the venue and services or experiences offered varies from club to club, but most will consist of multiple spaces and stages, with in-house DJs & external ones, multiple bars, one or multiple smoking areas and multiple bathrooms. On top of this, there are members of security on both the doors & inside the club, and other extra facilities such as storage and cloakrooms which are responsible for the property of the punters.

Using Nightclub & Membership Management Software

As one can easily imagine, with all of these factors to consider, managing a nightclub requires a lot of diligence and rigour. With all of this at play, it won't take much for us to convince you that implementing an integrated solution in the form of high-quality, multifunctional management software like Orderific could be the medicine for many of your aches and pains.

Orderfic can take some weight off your shoulders by providing an automated management solution with tools to tackle challenges such as administrative tasks, event management, online booking, member database & member retention, event tickets, customer data, payment processing, member engagement, inventory management, email marketing and more.

Orderific also has add-ons in the form of innovative features which are designed to help you access control via a more efficient management platform than your time-consuming current system. Orderific also provides your business with other features specifically designed to save time, increase customer satisfaction and increase cash flow to help grow revenue.

Implementing a one-stop management platform POS system that enables you to process payments, track attendance and easily manage your establishment, could be the approach you have been searching for, to help you access your potential, streamline your business, make more money and even branch into other operations that you don't currently have the capacity for.


Customer relationship management software or member management software, for clubs, can help you to access and build your relationship with old and new members. You can offer them discounts, loyalty programmes, and rewards like free drinks, money off and access to special areas. This can boost member retention and bring in new members.

Nightclub & Member Management System - Software Features

Patron Support

The Nightclub industry is a busy, high-octane, sector. Nightclubs at full capacity can be overwhelming for all the members of your team. At Orderific we have culminated a myriad of convenient and easy-to-use features to help you manage your clubs on both the busiest of nights & the quiet ones. Our features have carefully considered the challenges faced by your staff and your punters and can support you to keep calm and focused throughout a busy shift. This works by taking some of the weight of management tasks off your shoulders. Orderific can help you with ticket management, ordering, loyalty programs and more.


Orderific's secret weapon, our reporting tool. This tool allows you to keep a close eye on your vital sales statistics. In a nightclub, it is necessary to have an understanding of how your business flows in terms of sales, popular nights, use of stock, the popularity of certain drinks, tables, club nights and services etc. Orderifics reporting tool tracks these statistics for you through the duration of your active hours and through the use of its processes. This can help you to streamline your use of stock, and your serving processes and make informed decisions regarding time, spending, and staff management.

Finance Tracking

Orderific also implements efficient and convenient finance tracking systems. No matter what work you put into running your club, if your finances don't check out, it's all in vain. This is where Orderific's tailored finance tracking systems come into play. We can help you keep an eye on your spending through auditing and accounting with orders and suppliers. You can also monitor your savings through your dashboard, reports and menu management, and manage your payment processing through your orders, menu management and suppliers tab.


Marketing your club in the correct way can help you to attract the kind of clientele that you desire to reinforce the brand identity of your establishment. Orderific combines the use of multiple marketing tools which are specifically designed to be tailorable to your particular needs. Marketing with Orderific is delivered through the use of tailorable menus and website builders, a built-in reviews system that can really help attract the right kind of people to your club, and the use of QR code stickers or flyers to direct people to you also.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The short answer.... YES! Not only will this help you in the management of your hospitality business, but it will help you to reduce waste and become more profitable.
A POS system or point of sale system is designed to help businesses, to organize the sale data for their business. Everything from inventory management to the actual point of sale. All managed from the same place. Orderific takes this a step further with tools to help you support your patron better with loyalty programs etc. As well as Marketing and even help in building your own website.
Orderific is specifically designed with the user in mind. Our software is set up to help you organize and operate your business.
Orderific is a management software specifically designed for the hospitality industry. From restaurants and cafes to hotels, b and bs, and night clubs with everything in between.