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Grocery Stores & Supermarket Management Software

Supermarket Management Software & Grocery POS Systems

When approaching the management of most grocery stores there are some key operational components which must be considered and streamlined, in order to ensure the optimal running of your establishment or chain of establishments.

Some of these factors include inventory management, employee management, customer relationship management, sales data management and much more. The cohesion and efficient management of all of these processes is vital to the success of your business. If you have multiple stores in multiple locations, you will be faced with more complex management systems in comparison with independent grocers.

At Orderific, we have made it our business, quite literally, to investigate the complex challenges faced by grocers. We have used our findings to create what we believe to be the most comprehensive and easily accessible retail management solution on the market. We have examined what cutting-edge factors will set you aside from your competitors, and we have designed a tool which you can use as a one-stop digital software solution, this will end all of your management headaches.

Our software will provide you with solutions and tricks to help you with the management of many different factors of your business. Some of these include; payment processing services, sale system services, cash register technology, sales reporting, online store management, customer loyalty program, self-checkout systems, employee management tools, online sales solutions & online ordering solutions, credit card processing, mobile payments and point of sales systems, to name a few.

Why Use Our Grocery POS System?

There are many benefits to employing a software management system for your business. As you know, managing a supermarket or small grocery store requires you to wear many hats in order to ensure efficient oversight of your operational processes. There is a multitude of varying tasks that require sharp attention and oversight, mistakes born from human error can end up costing your business invaluable resources such as time and money, which you don't want to waste. This begs the question... why wouldn't you use one of the best grocery POS systems available to you on the market?

Using a grocery store POS system streamlines your internal systems, and allows you to externalise your merchant services and POS system to an online grocery, which can enable small business owners a chance to compete with larger retail chains that have a competitive advantage. Externalising your POS system allows you access to customers and purchases from a broader market, who might not otherwise have access to your physical outlet or outlets. An online point-of-sale system allows your customers access to online shopping, and online purchases through an online store or e-commerce site. This can enable you to employ an online loyalty program, monitor inventory, cut down on in-store hardware costs such as a receipt printer and cash drawers, and use integrated payment processing services, for example.

Using POS systems and self-checkout solutions such as Orderific helps to divert and increase traffic on your e-commerce site streamlining your sale system and payment processing. Orderific grocery POS system cost is lower than the market average, and can help you to avoid payment processing fees with affordable hardware costs and a simple POS solution. Orderific can be employed across all of retail's POS systems both online and offline, such as self-service kiosks and online checkout baskets. Orderific has cutting-edge, encompassing features making it the best POS system on the market.

What Services Does Orderific Offer, and How Do They Help?

Patron Support

The supermarket industry is a fast-paced and bustling sector. Supermarkets during peak hours can be overwhelming for all members of your team. At Orderific, we have developed a variety of convenient and user-friendly features to help you manage your supermarket, during both busy and slow periods. Our features have been designed with the challenges faced by your staff and customers in mind, and can assist you in staying calm and focused throughout your shift, by taking some of the management burdens off your shoulders. Orderific can assist you with tasks such as inventory management, ordering, loyalty programs, and more.


Orderific's reporting tool is our secret weapon for supermarkets. This tool enables you to closely monitor your essential sales statistics. In a supermarket, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of how your business operates in terms of sales, popular products, stock usage, and customer behaviour. Orderific's reporting tool tracks these statistics for you during your active hours, using its advanced processes to provide you with insights into your business operations. This can help you streamline your stock usage, improve your customer service processes, and make informed decisions about staff management, spending, and timing.

Finance Tracking

Orderific offers efficient and convenient finance tracking systems for supermarkets. No matter how well you run your supermarket, if your finances are not in order, it can all go to waste. This is where Orderific's tailored finance tracking systems can assist you. We can help you keep track of your spending, through auditing and accounting with orders and suppliers. You can also monitor your savings through your dashboard, reports, and menu management, and manage your payment processing through your orders, menu management, and suppliers tab. With Orderific's finance tracking systems, you can ensure that your supermarket's finances are organized and under control, allowing you to focus on running your business smoothly.


Effective marketing strategies can help supermarkets attract the right clientele and reinforce their brand identity. Orderific offers a range of customizable marketing tools designed to meet the specific needs of each supermarket. With Orderific, you can tailor your online menus and build a customized website that accurately reflects your brand. The built-in reviews system can help you attract the right customers, and QR code stickers or flyers can be used to direct people to your supermarket. By utilizing Orderific's marketing tools, supermarkets can effectively promote their business, attract the right customers, and establish a strong brand identity.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The short answer.... YES! Not only will this help you in the management of your hospitality business, but it will help you to reduce waste and become more profitable.
A POS system or point of sale system is designed to help businesses, to organize the sale data for their business. Everything from inventory management to the actual point of sale. All managed from the same place. Orderific takes this a step further with tools to help you support your patron better with loyalty programs etc. As well as Marketing and even help in building your own website.
Orderific is specifically designed with the user in mind. Our software is set up to help you organize and operate your business.
Orderific is a management software specifically designed for the hospitality industry. From restaurants and cafes to hotels, b and bs, and night clubs with everything in between.