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Raise Customer Satisfaction

Show your customers what they're missing out on with mouth-watering HD photos and videos! Ensure high customer satisfaction and prevent miscommunication through captivating and thoughtfully worded product descriptions. Increase tip collection, and eliminate order wait and bill pay times. What's more, let guests read your menu in their preferred language!

Casual Dining
Casual Dining

Seamlessly Update Your Menu On-The-Fly

Orderific gives you complete control of your menu at all times. Make quick edits, add or remove items, and add weekly specials or holiday offers as you wish.

AI-Driven Smart Recommendations

Orderific's technology integrates artificial intelligence to quickly learn and suggest your most frequently ordered menu combinations. Utilize smart recommendations to offer customers, say, a burger with a side of fries and a soda, and watch your revenues rise.

Casual Dining
Casual Dining

Aggregate Customer Data and Improve Business Strategy

Data isn't called digital gold without reason. Learn about your customers' individual preferences, and offer a personalized experience to keep them coming back. Identify your best-selling menu items and under-performers. The collected data will help you define future marketing strategies and offer special discounts to loyal customers.

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