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Enable customers to order in-store, from their own phones

Orderific’s digital ordering allows your customers to order right from their seat, using their own phone. It’s fast, efficient, and safe.

In addition Customers can order from any area of the coffee shop by scanning a QR code and then just pick up the order when its ready.

Orderific digital ordering reduces staff costs and eliminates mistakes. It is easy to update the menu and manage promotions and upsells.

Digital ordering is proven to increase average order size.

Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop

Keep your customers happy at your coffee shop

Include images of your hot & cold beverages and delicious snacks. Add detailed product descriptions to describe your items. Customer satisfaction in your coffee shop is increased by eliminating errors in communication and saving a lot of time.

• The dependance on staff is reduced in the long run,

• Increasing efficiency in staffing

• Decreased staff training costs

• Receive more tips from happy customers

Edit your menu at your coffee shop Instantly

Orderific lets you fully control and edit your menu at anytime. Make fast changes to your menu, add or remove items, and include daily specials or promotions like “Buy One Get One Free” with just one click.

Casual Dining
Coffee Shop

Avoid queues at your cafe

Avoid the long lines at your coffee shop and focus on brewing your delicious coffee. Manual ordering will be in the past , with digital ordering you can focus on preparing more orders and selling while our system takes care of the rest!

Be in control of your Business

Orderific gives you valuable and accurate insight into your customers and business, and dynamic control of your menu at any time.

Know what sells - and what doesn’t. Manage upsell and deliver promotions that your customers will love.

Coffee Shop

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