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Add More to Your Guest Experience Through Location-Independent Contactless Ordering!

Let your guests enjoy the convenience of a streamlined ordering service wherever they are in your hotel. Whether at the gym, pool, or by the beach, ensure their satisfaction and reduce the load on your staff with our mobile menus.


Visually Appealing Digital Menus That Increase Sales

Feature the best your kitchen has to offer through HD visuals. With customizable layouts that can be matched to your hotel’s appearance, you’ll be able to improve sales, provide an intuitive order process, and deliver contactless service.

In-Room Convenience Through a Digital Menu

Using just their smartphones to scan a QR code or input their room numbers, guests can enjoy a complete dining experience. Yes, this means you don’t have to install any additional hardware.

Digital ordering offers the benefits of an error-free order process and increased average order sizes.

A single click means an enhanced guest experience. Our multi-lingual menu options ensure language barriers will not be an issue. They won’t have to spend time finding the hotel phone either!

To take things a step further, allow guests to order amenities such as towels, clean sheets, or irons and even make bookings or reservations through Orderific.


Understand Customers and Build Your Business on Data

Data isn’t called digital gold without reason. Learn about your customers’ individual preferences, and provide a personalized experience to keep them coming back.

Identify your best-selling menu items and under-performers. Keeping an eye on trends will help you intimately understand your customers’ preferences and cater to their specific tastes.

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