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Orderific restaurant and hospitality management software, now situated in Dublin, is an all-encompassing digital solution, with specific and tailorable features, meticulously designed by our experts with your food-service business or establishment in mind.

Our digital software solution enables you to manage, control and predict the running needs of your project regardless of its size or demands. We deliver custom-built digital solutions that allow you to streamline the processes of your establishment by providing you with an expert Menu QR code generator and digital support in the areas of Inventory management, payment processing, team management, time management, ordering, website creation, Automated customer communication, loyalty and reward programs, event management, review management, delivery, personalized menus with information regarding dietary and allergens, and much more.

Stand Out in Dublin's Restaurant Scene with Orderific's Cutting-Edge Features

At Orderific, if there’s one thing we know it's that in a saturated industry like the food service & hospitality industry, it's a cutting-edge flair that will make you stand out amongst your competitors. We have analysed, assessed and targeted specific issues in the process of restaurant management that we feel have an effect on the overall guest experience. Using this research we have rigorously designed thorough & effective in-app features to tackle these challenges head-on. These features are designed to bring ease to your service and take the pressure of management away from your team, dramatically reducing the risk of human error affecting the quality of your delivery.

The custom Menu QR code generator allows you to combine multiple channels of your service and record and analyse multiple data points relating to customer preferences and satisfaction, letting the customer take control over their order choices and dietary preferences, all through engaging with a custom-designed & easily adjustable menu which you can create using our in-app menu builder. 

Employing a restaurant management software system can provide your business with a myriad of benefits. Helping you to save on precious resources, by fine-tuning your time and revenue management. Some of the major benefits that we have identified include; Improved efficiency, Orderific software helps staff to streamline many otherwise time-consuming tasks such as menu planning, order processing and inventory management. Orderific provides your restaurant with better organisation through the digital management of key data components such as sales, inventory and customer preferences. We can also help you to provide an enhanced customer experience by providing faster order processing which reduces wait times, and eliminates the risk of human error in order specifics. Orderific also ensures increased profitability by streamlining time and staff management and cutting down on waste through accurate data predictions. 

Dublin is a busy city, with a vibrant food and restaurant scene. Whether you provide an in & out quick, fast food service or a higher-end dining experience, the use of Orderific’s restaurant management software system will bring you one step closer to standing out in the crowd.

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