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A Faster, Better Order Experience

With a QR Menu on the front of your truck, customers can easily read your menus and place their orders. Efficiently manage incoming requests to serve more people faster than ever.

food truck
food truck

A Simplified and Quick Payment Experience

Food truck owners understand the hassle of collecting orders. Orderific enables convenient order collection and management to let you maximize the time available for preparation and cooking, maximizing your profits.

Focus on Cooking What Your Customers Love

Orderific significantly speeds up the order process for food truck owners. Allow your customers to easily place their orders and await collection from a distance with no unnecessary interactions. Ensure speed and safety for your loyal visitors.

food truck
Food truck

Keep an Eye on Stock & Update Your Menu On-The-Go

Orderific gives you complete control of your menu at all times. Make quick edits, add or remove out-of-stock items, and add daily specials like a “Sandwich of the Day” with a single click.

Quick and Painless Payments

When it’s time to settle the bill, customers can choose from several payment options directly on their phones, freeing up your staff to engage with customers and take care of them. Your customers won’t have to line up at the counter anymore; they can just keep on ordering.

• Boost tips and orders

• Improve operational efficiency

• Enhanced payment experience

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